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These are just some categories to help get you started.  Clicking on any one of these categories will help guide you to select the documents to prove your legal presence here.  Keep in mind that your proof of legal presence will be require for:

  • Applicants applying for an original Hawaii driver’s license
  • Applicants renewing their Hawaii drivers license
  • Drivers reinstating their driving privilege because of a license revocation or cancellation
  • Drivers who have allowed their license to expire
  • Permit holders when they pass their road test and obtain a Hawaii driver’s license
  • Drivers converting their Hawaii provisional driver’s license to a full driver’s license.

Anyone applying for a license that fits into any one of the above categories will need to provide three things when they come into the DMV.

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Proof of Social Security Number (must be either an original or a certified copy)
  3. Proof of Legal Presence

Click a link below to see the selections of documents you’ll need to bring with you as proof of your legal presence.

I am a Permanent Resident

I am a Student

I am from Another Country

I am from Another State

Please visit for a complete list of acceptable documents required to establish legal presence when applying or renewing a Hawaii driver’s license.

Satellite City Hall Locations and Phone Numbers

For a printable list of acceptable documents click here.

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